NSW South Coast Surf Guide

This little stretch of coastline is a dead-end from the highway and effectively ‘off the map’ when it comes to the NSW surf atlas… which means you score! Cudmirrah Beach, Kirby’s Beach and Berarra Beach are all within walking distance of The Swan House. These beaches don’t feature much in NSW surf guides meaning they’re relatively uncrowded for most of the year.


The closest break to the house is called Coneeley’s Reef and produces both lefts and rights. Located at the southern end of Cudmirrah Beach Conneeley’s is a swell magnet and works best in SE to South swell and West to NE winds. The right hander on the inside is cross/off shore in a NE wind, perfect when the stiff summer sea breeze blows out most other spots. This wave lines through better on the high tide.
On the outer edge of the reef is a hollow right hander that holds up to 3.0m of swell. The take off pitches right on the reef and is a makable barrel when the swell is right. It’s a bit of a paddle out there but worth the effort.
 Magic Seaweed,  Wanna Surf and Bareru
NSW South Coast Surf


Just north of the reef, near the giant sand dune, is a beach break called Hot Curl.Hot Curl is a little protected and a good option if other spots are not handling a large swell from the south. When it’s bigger it breaks as a bommie (see below pic at 4ft) and is well suited to SUP,  step-ups and long boards.
NSW South Coast Surf


Cudmirrah Beach runs from Coneeley’s Reef, about 3km NE along the sand to Sussex Inlet. You will find multiple empty beach breaks along the way with quality depending on the sand bank structure. At the northern end of Cudmirrah beach park near the surf club and head down to the corner of the beach. The sandbanks in this corner usually have a more reliable setup as the rip structure is more consistent. This beach is patrolled in the summer months.


Further north around the rocks at the North end of Cudmirrah Beach is a left hand reef break called Taboo. This break is for experienced surfers only. It’s been said that “it looks like Teahupoo, just smaller, and by god it lines up like it. Real heavy, but on a good day it can connect through to a shorey, once you get past the cliffs that is.” Taboo is best in NE wind, so another good spot if the summer sea breeze kicks in.


Just South of the Swan House, Kirby’s beach does get the occasional wave on the beach but is a short stretch of sand and less consistent. To the south of Kirby’s beach are a series of offshore bommies that pitch in a bigger swell. These bommies are popular for jet-ski tow-ins when it’s big and the more adventurous SUP rider at other times.


Heading South from Kirby’s you come to Berarra Beach. The best place to park the car is inland a little on the lagoon. The north corner of Berarra Beach is good for kids learning to surf and has a longer more crumbling wave suitable for long boards.


This string of pristine beaches connect Cudmirrah-Berarra with the Bendalong-Manyana area. They are accessible by foot walking south along Berarra beach (don’t miss the Mermaid Rockpool at the South end of Berarra) or by 4wd through Conjola National Park (Map)
Monument Beach has picnic facilities, walking tracks and a monument to the shipwrecked Walter Hood. There are beach and reef breaks along this beach that sometimes turn on.


A great beach for kids including the sometimes-seen Pam Burridge Surf School. If the South Swell is maxing out every other beach Washerwomans might have a ridable wave.


Bendalong Beach is about 3.5 km south or a half hour drive.



5.9 km – S
All Tides Peaky Beach break SandNE – S North Westerly


8.9 km – S
All Tides
Left-hand Point break
SandNE – SNortherly

Boating maps for this strip of NSW South Coast can be viewed and downloaded HERE.


NSW South Coast Surf 
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